topics of recent CUREA projects:

Each CUREA student proposes, conducts, and presents a one-week observing project using one of the observing techniques taught during the first week of the program. Recent projects have been conducted on the following topics:

        measuring the light curve of supernova SN2013ej in M74

        observations of transiting extrasolar planets TrES 1b and WASP 52b

        Zeeman broadening of solar absorption lines in sunspots

        astrometry and parallax for meteors from the Perseid meteor shower

        updating double star measurements for archivally-observed star pairs

        measuring differential rotation as a function of solar latitude

        reflection spectroscopy of Solar System objects

        imaging and modeling an interacting galaxy pair

        using color imaging to distinguish different stellar populations in galaxies

        measuring the 5 and 3 minute oscillations of the solar photosphere

        observations and modeling of contact binary V0417 AQL

        temperature and pressure stratification in the solar photosphere

        spectrophotometry and blackbody fits for stars of various spectral classes

        faint star photometry of infrared variable object DoAr 21

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