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Timothy Sullivan

Timothy Sullivan

Professor of Physics

Ph.D. -- University of Washington, 1986
A.B. (Honors) -- University of Chicago, 1976

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Research interests

My most recent research has been in computer simulation of the time evolution of nonlinear fields. The particular equation that I have studied the most is the Cahn-Hillard equation and model of domain growth in phase spearation. I have also done experimental studies of the creation and characterization of colloidal crystal structures. I learned about this fascinating field during a year's sabbatical at Bell Labs. I also have done experimental visualization of flow patterns in nonlinear fluid systems ranging from liquid helium mixtures to the convection produced near a dissolving salt crystal. A web site describing an ongoing project simulating Brownian motion is here . It is very much "under construction" as of Fall, 2007. I am also the local person to contact about our Beowulf cluster.

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