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The computer work that has been done to create the simulations of Brownian motion has been written in C. Dan wrote the initial C code during the summer of 2001. This is the porton of the code that does the actual simulations of the particles. During the year and now this summer, Ben is manipulating the data produced by the simulation program to obtain uncertainty values of the diffusivity. The past programming work can be found below. The implimentation of some of this code, can be found in the other sections of the site.

Dan's Work

C Programs

  • sumsci1.c
  • sumsci2.c
  • sumsci3.c
  • sumsci4.c
  • Ben's Work

    C and LabTalk(Origin Script) Programs

  • bsumsci1.c
  • bsumsci2.c
  • slopes.ogs