Physics Department Photo Album K-vector Kenyon shield

Taking it easy

Professor of Physics John Idoine picks out a tune on one of his guitars at the annual Math-Physics picnic.

At the annual Halloween party at the Turner's house in 1994, Physics majors came dressed as the Physics faculty. From left to right:

  • Beau Bierhaus as Tim Sullivan
  • Phil Mertz as Ben Schumacher
  • Natalia Kuznetsova as Paula Turner
  • Dave Cowart as Tom Greenslade
  • Ben Williams as Carson Roberts

All except Dave Cowart (KPhys '96) were members of the class of 1995.

Physics faculty members at the 1994 Halloween party. From left to right:

  • Ben Schumacher
  • Tim Sullivan
  • Paula Turner
  • Carson Roberts (visiting faculty member 1994-96)

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