Mission Statement

The Department of Physics at Kenyon College aims to provide Kenyon students with a rigorous and lively program of instruction in physics within the liberal arts context of the College. To this end, we aspire to several goals:

The Physics Curriculum.

The curriculum of the Department of Physics will give students a solid grounding in both theoretical and experimental physics. The core curriculum for physics majors must be a sufficient basis both for further physics study and for multidisciplinary scientific work.

Opportunities for graduates.

Students graduating with a degree in physics from Kenyon College will be well prepared for graduate study and careers in many fields, including physics and related sciences, engineering, education, and medicine. They will be competitive with their peers both in application to top graduate schools and in seeking employment.

Faculty research.

The faculty of the Physics Department must be excellent teachers and active physicists. Thus, they will be encouraged and supported to pursue their own scholarly work, both in pedagogical innovation and in scientific research.

This document was passed by the faculty of the Department of Physics on 20-September-1996.

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