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     These pictures are of seniors doing what they do best, physics.  I regret to say that I don't have pictures of all the seniors.  Notice that they always have a smile on their face.

Senior Eric is working on the optics lab.
Senior Ben K. is working on a lab that I can't even begin to explain because I don't understand it.  But he's does since he's smiling.

Seniors Nia and Melissa working on the lab Ben K. was working on.  They look like they are having fun.
Senior Ben H. has fun playing with large building are large lead blocks to protect against radiation.

Senior Emily calibrating the X-ray machine.  Seniors get to have all the fun with radiation and x-rays.
Candid picture of Senior Matt.  

Uh-oh, the smiles are gone...
....that's better.  A moment of enlightment must have occured.

Senior Bryan working dilgenly in the optics lab.  Notice the scribblings on the white board in the background.
Senior Eric always has a smile when he is doing physics.  

Senior Ben K. helping Professor Frank Peiris with his research.

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