Moore Sculpture

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     The Kenyon Science Quad recently had a sculpture install, a gift from Henry Moore.  Many comments have been expressed about the style of the sculpture, but lets see what you think.  There is some great physics involved in installing it.  Check it out!

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Look closely and you can see the physics faculty and some students watching the pedestal being installed.
This pedestal is a huge block of granite and came packaged vertical.  Great physics lesson in gravity and torque to get it on the ground.

Great view!  Look at torque and gravity at work.
About a month later the bronze statue came covered in blankets and tarp.  This is the

Oh, my, they're back again.
More physics at work!

Somebody has an ornery smile on their face.  Wonder if he's thinking of the statue or how he can fit underneath it.
Some say it looks like Elvis, other well....I think are just surprised.

Moving a 2 ton statue I'm sure is not easy.

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 October 25, 2003

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