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  Indiana University Cyclotron Trip Dec 2005

  Fermi Trip

  News and Calendar Events:

       Physics Colloquiums:  (sorry for not being able to post all talks).  For more information about each talk go to the Calendar page where each talk has a summary.  
  • Robert Arns, University of Vermont "Early History of X-Ray Tubes."  September 19
  • Ben Schumacher, "The Physics of Impossible Things."  September 26.
  • Senior talk by AJ Franz, "Determination of the dielectric functions of MBE-grown Zn1-xMgxTe II-VI semiconductor alloys."  October 3. 
  • Keith Walker on "Mobile Robots and Chaos Theory."  October 17.
  • Victoria Soghomonian, Department of Physics, Ohio University "Experimental studies of charge transport through DNA molecules." November 14
  • "Force-Detected Scanned Probe Magnetic Resonance Microscopy," by Professor Chris Hammel.  January 23
  • Professor Emeritus Thomas B. Greenslade, Jr., Kenyon College, "The First Fifty Years of Photography." January 30
  • Professor Emeritus Franklin Miller, Jr., Kenyon College. "Two kinds of electrons??" February 6
  • "What is an ERG and why should you care?" by Dr. Sandra Doty , Ohio State Unversity. February 16 
  • Dr. Christopher LaSota, Muskingum College, "TBA." February 20

 Seniors and Students:
       The seniors of the class of 2004 are now completing part of the physics major called Senior lab (go figure?).  Here are some pictures of the seniors working and the artwork they leave of the white boards.

  What's going on around the physics dept:
  • Smelting, a lab that was part of the material science class last year.

  Top 5 Best Physics Pictures (coming soon!)

 Thomas B. Greenslade, Jr., Professor Emeritus of Physics , is a collector of antique  physics instruments with great pictures of all of the instruments.  His website is Instruments for Natural Philosophy.

 There are many pictures taken before the school year of 2003-04.  Go to our Archived Album page to check up on older pictures.

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