Kenyon Physics Album

     The Kenyon College Physics Department is full of fun, interesting and diverse people.  Here we've captured a few moments.  The slide shows are still being worked on so they are not linkable yet.  

We have an excellent and diverse faculty and staff (slide show).

If at first you don't see our students (slide show) while walking around, try the lab rooms.  The senior physics majors (slide show) spend a good amount of time in senior lab first semester.

On Friday afternoons we have a Physics Colloquium when we have a student, faculty, or visitor come and speak about their research. Click here (slide show) to view pictures from these talks.

Our latest addition to the science quad is the Henry Moore sculpture (slide show)

Miscellaneous pictures (slide show).

Check out some not-so-recent pictures.  You may find an alumni or some more physics fun!

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Contact:  Connie Miller, Dept. of Physics.

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 October 25, 2003

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