The Acoustical Apparatus of Rudolph Koenig
Acoustic Turbine
Chladni Plates
Crova's Disks
Elliptical Bell
Four Resonating Tubes
Fourier Analysis
Fourier Synthesis
Koenig Biography
Helmholtz Resonator
Interference Tubes
Organ Pipes
Organ Pipe Mouthpieces
Organ Pipes with Unusual Shapes
Organ Pipes with Manometric Flame Capsules
Organ Pipes with Reeds
Paper Membrane
String and Slit
Transmission of Sound in Liquids
Transmission of Sound in Air
Tuning Forks
Tuning Forks, Electrically-Driven
Tuning Forks on Resonators
Vibration Microscope
Wheatstone's Wave Machine
Wind Chest
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