Static Electricity
Aurora Tube
 Biot's Hemispheres
Bohnenberger's E'scope
 de la Rive Tube
 Diamond Jar
 Dissectible Condenser
 Egg Illuminator
Electric Carousel
Electric Chimes
Electric Egg
 Electric Hail
 Electric See-Saw
 Electric Turbine
Electric Whirl and Orrery
 Electric Wind
Electrical Discharges
Electricity from Glass
Electrometer, Zeleny
Faraday's Bag
Faraday's Ice Pail
 Franklin's Flask
Franklin's Pane
Gassiot's Shower
Geissler Tubes
 Glass Piercer
Henley's Electrometer
Hydro-Electrical Machine
Induction Machine
Leiden Jar
Powder Bomb
 Spoon for Igniting Ether
Spotted Tube
Thunder House
Volta's Pistol
Voss Machine
Wimshurst Machine
This Electrostatic Machine at Vassar College has a glass disk forty inches in diameter.
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