Ampere's Frame
Ampere's Rotating Battery
Arago's Disk
Arc Light
Audio Oscillator
Ayrton's Shunt
Barlow's Wheel
Cathode Ray Tubes
Crown of Cups
Decomposing Vessel
DeForest Audion
Dip Needle
Dynamo Model
Earth Inductor
Eddy Current Pendulum
Electrochemical Cells
Electrotome or Repeater
Faraday's Bag
Frequency Indicator
Foucault's Disk
Hertzian Wave Detector
Induction Coils
Lightning Rod Point
Magnet Rev. on its own Axis
Magnet, Permanent
Magnetic Balance

   Benjamin Franklin performed his experiment on atmospheric electricity on May 10, 1752. In the actual experiment he stayed under a shed to protect himself from the rain. He had almost decided that the experiment was a failure when he noticed that the fibers of the kite-string were standing up. When he presented his knuckles to a metallic key attached to the end of the string, he received a strong spark. After receiving other sparks, he charged a Leiden jar with the electric fluid from the cloud. 

   Fortunately for bifocaled readers of the Saturday Evening Post who received their copy in the mail, he did not kill himself. The experimenter Georg Wilhelm Richmann of St. Petersburg was killed in the following year doing the experiment. 

Magnetic Field
Magnetic Model of the Earth
Magneto, Telephone
Magneto-Electric Machines
Matteucci's Apparatus
Medical Machines
Mutual Inductance
Piezoelectric Voltage Source
Polarity Indicator
Repeater or Electrotome
Revolving Ring Conductor
Roget's Spiral
Rowland's Ring
Selenium Cell
Separable Helices
Switches and Keys
Thompson's Apparatus
Unipolar Generator
Vacuum Tube Tester
Voltaic Pile
X Ray Tube
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