The Wedge
   This demonstration wedge is listed at 150 francs (about $30) in the 1853 Lerebours et Secretan catalogue. It was proably bought in the second half of the 1850s by Prof. Frederick Barnard of the University of Mississippi, and is now on display at the University Museum

   In use, the wedge was held with its vertex down, supported by two rollers touching the outer surfaces sof the wedge. The rollers were held in place by cords exerting vertical and horizontal forces. A weight was suspended from the end of each cord, and a weight was attached to a cord tied to the loop at the vertex. 

   The two weights pulling the rollers sideways against the wedge were the same, and the two weights pulling upward on the rollers added up to the sum of the weight of the wedge and the weight suspended from its vertex. All of the numbers changed when the angle of the wedge was adjusted. 

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