Hoist and Windlass Models
   Mid-nineteenth century natural philosophy courses included topics that merged on engineering. Although there were no experiments performed by students, the professor performed demonstrations to illustrate the physical principles.

   The three demonstration models below are in the Millington/Barnard Collection at the University Museum of the University of Mississippi in Oxford. They were probably purchased in the second half of the 1850s by Prof. Frederick Barnard from Lerebours et Secretan of Paris. The windlass model at the left below has a wheel very similar to a windlass model in the 1853 L&S catalogue; some of the interior framing of the wheel has been lost. The gear wheel at the right, below must originally have mated to a similar wheel with a different number of teeth.

The Capstan Model below is listed in the 1853 L&S catalogue at 15 francs, or about $3.00.

The windlass models below are by Max Kohl and are in the Greenslade Collection. At the left is a Differential Windlass listed at 33 Marks (about $8) in the 1900 Kohl catalogue. It has a pawl system to keep the winding drum from unwinding when the force on the handle is released. A Simple Windlass by Kohl is shown at the right.

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