Geared Wheels

   From the 1929 catalogue of the Central Scientific Company of Chicago: "Geared Wheels. A train of gears consisting of two wheels about 7 cm in diameter with pinions of ¼ the diameter of the wheels, and a third wheel of the same size with drum of the same diameter, giving a mechanical advantage of 64. Mounted on a 13 mm square rod turned round at the end for 6 cm, for use with right angle clamp. All metal, white nickel-plated and lacquered ... $9.00"

   The left-hand wheel has a pulley groove turned in its edge, and the hole allows a cord to be attached. The drum on the right-hand wheel also has a small hole for attaching a cord. The bearings are simple sleeves. In use, weights are attached to the lower ends of the cords to show that the actual mechanical advantage is 64. This apparatus is in the Greenslade Collection.

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