Hibbert's Magnetic Balance
   The 1911 Catalogue of Scientific Apparatus published by W. G. Pye & Co. of Cambridge, England, lists Hibbert's Magnetic Balance at £1-1s. It had been developed by W. Hibbert of the Regent Street (London) Polytechnic, and relied on balancing magnetic forces against magnetic forces. The catalogue notes that the apparatus can be used for the following experiments: 
                    The comparison of the pole strength of two or more magnets
                    The measurement of the intensity of the equatorial or axial field of a magnet
                    The measurement in C.G.S. units of Currents and ratios of current strengths
                    The measurement in C.G.S. units of pole strength
                    Coulomb's Law 
   The magnetized ball on the right-hand side of the balance beam (with needle-point pivots) can be balanced against the magnetic field provided by the upper magnetized ball, or the current-carrying coil. 
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