Barlow's Wheel
   Today we remember Peter Barlow (1776-1862) for his mathematical tables, the Barlow Lens, and Barlow's Wheel (1822). Electric current passes through the wheel from the axle to a mercury contact on the rim. The interaction of the current with the magnetic field of a U-magnet laid flat on the baseplate causes the wheel to rotate. Note that the presence of serrations on the wheel is unnecessary.

   Other examples can be found with the Daniel Davis apparatus.

REFERENCE: Thomas B. Greenslade, Jr., "Barlow's Wheel", Rittenhouse, 1, 26-28 (1986)

                                                                                                               St. Patrick's College, Maynooth, Ireland

                   Colby College -- magnet missing                                             Smithsonian Institution -- magnet missing

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