Astronomical Slides
   Lantern slides were often used in nineteenth century Astronomy courses. The slide projectors often used oxy-hydrogen or oxy-acetylene light sources, sometimes directing the flame toward a block of calcium chloride to produce a lime light.

   Most of the slides had circular images 3" in diameter, held with a wire snap ring in a mahogany slider 4" by 7". Early images were entirely hand-painted, but later images probably used a photograph as the basis for the painting. 

   All of the slides on this page are from the collection of early physics teaching apparatus at Bowdoin College.

                                 Saturn                                                                                     Jupiter
                         Signs of the Zodiac                                                                         Comets
                                Lunar Landscape                                                                      Saturn
                              Horn of the Moon                                                            The Sun Viewed from the Planets

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